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Svane & Luhrs Collection

The successful Danish jewellery company Svane & Lührs was founded by Pia Lührs and Claus Svane in 1983 and have since designed combination jewellery of high quality to all of Europe. The basic idea behind the Svane & Lührs' design is that you create your own jewellery expression by combining the individual pieces - and with endless ways to combine the jewellery in our collections, you have a unique opportunity to create your own personal jewellery down to even the smallest detail.

All the jewellery is made of genuine materials only as sterling silver, gold, leather and precious stones - and at the office in Aarhus, Denmark the piece of jewellery is tailor made exactly for you in the model, colour and length, you want. In our collections you can find charms, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and rings, decorated with gemstones, freshwater pearls and cubic zirconia, giving you a feminine, sparkling and colourful look. As the individual piece of jewellery always is available in multiple colours, surfaces and variants, our collections provide you a great deal of options and multifunctionality.