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Our Story so far...

A collection of handmade jewellery with a nostalgic theme. Button & Co. is all about celebrating memories of times past and creating new memories for the future. I designed this collection inspired by my Mother's button tin.

When I was a little girl my mother used to make me the most beautiful dresses and I would get to pick the buttons I wanted on them. My mum always had a button tin where she would collect the buttons from the clothes after me and my siblings outgrew them. Of course there were all sorts of old buttons in the tin from school shirt buttons to big bright colourful ones. After I graduated as a Goldsmith I began searching for inspiration for a collection and one day while I was having a cup of tea and mum was sewing yet another project I spotted the button tin and all the memories I have associated with it. I found myself thinking if others had the same kind of memories as me. This is where the idea for the Memory Bracelet came from a collectible charm bracelet to celebrate all the special moments in your life.

The Signature collection features a button needle and thread and many other collectible button charms, creating a truly unique piece of jewellery. We use sterling silver, 9ct gold and sapphires and diamonds. Button & Co. stands for quality handmade jewellery. All of our jewellery is handmade in our workshop in Dunhill, in Co. Waterford in Ireland. Jewellery is very personal and we know how it's treasured so we make it to last! We endeavour to offer a great customisation service and we always stand by our jewellery.

I suppose how I started my business is a little different to most in that I went on Dragons Den to get the money and exposure to start. I didn't have the resources to get my product to market. I went on Dragons Den with an idea, passion and the drive to make it happen and came away with an investment and a chance to show the world my pieces.

I hope you like them! x ElaineSarah