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Fifty Shades of Grey Necklace

  • €6900

To celebrate the release of the movie of much talked about ''Fifty Shades of Grey'' We decided to launch our own little controversial design.

This necklace is subtle and sexy. It depicts a pair of handcuffs but from from further away looks like a simple pair of intertwined rings, for the demure lady with a deep secret. A secret just the two of you share!

It is symbolic of breaking free from the day to day shackles and stereotypes given to us and embracing who we are. A little symbol of escapism. 

I designed these after reading E.L. James's Fifty Shades series and found amongst those pages a little world where I could escape the everyday stresses and worries for just a little while and have a silly giggle. I now wear mine everyday in order to remind me to take the time everyday to enjoy life's simplest pleasures and enjoy a giggle more often. Life's too short to be serious!!  

 So go on and express your inner most desires and just live! ;-)

Choose from an 18 inch necklace with interlocking handcuffs that clasp together


A 30 inch long necklace with one handcuff dropping down through the other 


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