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Sterling silver signature button bracelet

Sterling silver signature button bracelet

  • €14000

Our nostalgic sterling silver button themed charm bracelet. Handmade in Ireland.

Our Memory Bracelet is unique in design and has won several awards. The perfect gift for those who like something unique and well made.

The design, inspired by my mother's button tin allows you to add more button charms easily and keeps them secure. I designed this concept because when I was younger my mum would make my clothes and I remembered playing with the buttons.

This bracelet touches on the memories associated with the buttons. It will appeal to anyone who's mum or grandmother had a button tin as it will remind them of their own special memories.

This bracelet comes in solid sterling silver or silver with gold needle.

There are a few options to personalise your button. We have diamonds size 1.5mm and 2mm, and we have a selection of 2mm sapphires in various colours, Soft baby pink, Bright pink, Soft Blue, Dark blue, Red, Orange and Yellow. The pinks and blues could be used to represent a new baby and a name and date can be engraved on the back of the button to personalise the bracelet.

We also have several options for putting a name or message on your piece.

Engraving is usually on the back of the button and space is limited as we can only fit a maximum of 8 characters. It is beautifully delicate but does not wear well over a long period of time because the silver is soft and can become scratched.

We can also offer stamping, each letter is stamped into the piece individually so can be manouvered to fit more on the back of the button. It is deeper and more durable in the long term.

If in doubt you can contact us to discuss your customising by clicking on the "ask the seller a question" button located on the product page.

made from:

This bracelet is handmade using solid sterling silver. Silver is a soft porous metal and will go dull with wear. To maintain shine try to keep away from hash chemicals such as, hand creams, perfumes or moisturizers and wipe with a soft cloth after wearing to prolong the shine.

This bracelet should not be worn in the swimming pool as chlorine seriously damages the surface. Silver will tarnish over time or if left in a damp condition. "Where gold needle" option has been selected solid 9ct yellow gold is used.

Diamonds and sapphires are hard wearing Gemstones which is why we chose to use these in our pieces. We set them down into the metal to protect them. If you would like to clean your piece at home, you can use a soft bristle toothbrush and hot water with washing up liquid in it, rinse with clean water, then dry thoroughly.

We stand by all of our jewellery so if you would like to have your piece shined up as new please contact us via the "ask the seller" button and we can arrange this service for you.

It is dangerous leave your jewellery near small children as small parts can cause choking. As with all jewellery this bracelet is delicate but through taking care of it it should last a very long time. Please do not wear this bracelet if playing sport or and vigorous activities where it can get snagged and broken. However if this does happen don't worry because we can offer a repair service for you.

Look after your jewellery and you will enjoy it for years to come!


Button approx 2.5cm diameter, Chain length will be 7" standard but can be made any size depending on requests.

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